David Principe

by David Principe

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released February 15, 2015

All songs written and performed by David Principe
Recorded, mixed, mastered, produced by Mason Dayot
Photography by Heather Victory



all rights reserved


David Principe Brampton, Ontario

Music that soothes the soul is music to my ears.

I play acoustic music and try to incorporate as many outside influences as possible such as Deftones, Caspian, etc.

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Track Name: Resist
Ships go down in a hollow wave
But who am I to go down with it?
I've laid here before in a sea of dreams
I guess it's time for me to come back

It's been far too long
To keep coming back
And I can't save myself
It's calling me tonight
And I can't resist you
No, I can't resist you again

You call me out on my mistakes
Be sure you're not burdened
I've been through the ringer and I'm not going down
You can try to put down the lion
But his roar is loud
Track Name: Free
Free my soul
Tainted love
I will call you out until you go
Shed my skin
Release my mind
Before I become all that I'm not

Mistakes are made
Forgot to see
That everything I love so soon will fade
Caught with disease
The end is near
Maybe soon my mind will be at ease

I've twisted my words
So that they may please you in some way, shape or form
But in the end, it was never enough
It was never enough for me
Don't point me in the direction of self deprecation
I've been down that path before
And I never thought in a million years
It would mold me into a happier person
So please, let go of all your troubles
Make a permanent change to a temporary problem
Turn that frown into a smile, darling
The world needs another brighter face
You may have been told that you weren't good enough
And that everyone was just a step over you
Well fuck them, and fuck what they think
I won't let anyone go down my path again
Track Name: Crawling
I'm tired of writing songs about you
This one is for me
Do you feel the electric spark in your veins?
When you get on a stage

Have you felt such a lack of faith in yourself?
That everyone around you felt the same
When the sounds of the good in the world came to me
Faith has been restored
When the beat of the drum soared through
I couldn't have felt so alive
Have you felt such a lack of faith in yourself?

I've been crawling from the dust on the shelf
To cleanse myself
Before I become all that I wanted to be
I must find myself
Track Name: Mi Manchi
I've been running from you
I've been running from the truth, it kills me
I have waited til the end to say that I love you
Nonno, I love you

I shouldn't say that I am sorry
Maybe I'm just waiting for the inevitable
You understand these words so I'll say them to you
Nonno, I'll miss you

Maybe I should see this in a different light
I know you're in a better place
I hope you smile as you hear this song from above
This one is for you